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Patient Transport Ambulance (BH-1-101)

Pre hospital care refers to any emergency medical care a patient receives prior to their arrival at the hospital or emergency department. Typically, this care comes from Emergency Medical Services (EMS) providers. 

The Patient Transport Ambulance is a non-emergency transport service that undertakes patient transport for pre-arranged hospital visits and medical appointments.
Patient Transport Ambulance is not configured with monitoring or medical equipment and is usually crewed by staff trained in basic first aid.
It is used for inter hospital transfer as per the requirement of the treatment.
Such ambulance also used for visiting specialist doctors and diagnostics for diagnosis.
These are also used for discharge from hospital to patient home.
Patient transported by PTA vehicles are care for by Patients Transport Officers (PTO).
PTO undertake four-weeks-in-service training program at the Ambulance Education center
PTO has ability to administer Oxygen, monitor pulse and breathing rates.