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Neo Natal Ambulances (BH-1-104)

Pre hospital care refers to any emergency medical care a patient receives prior to their arrival at the hospital or emergency department. Typically, this care comes from Emergency Medical Services (EMS) providers. 

Neonatal Ambulance was launched with an attempt to reduce neonatal mortality rate in the country.
This ambulance has state-of-the-art facilities those are scientifically designed as it should be baby-friendly and manned by well-trained medical personnel.
It has collapsible bed, attendance sheet, special plastic medical storage cabinet, and central oxygen line system.
Neonatal Ambulances are equipped with Ventilator - Incubator Unit, Laryngoscope, Spectrophotometer, Pulse Oxy meter and Infusion Pump.
It has Doppler Fetal Heart Rate Detector, Baby Resuscitation Kit - Ambu Bag , Fetal Monitor and Overhead Ceiling Radiant Warmer
It also has additional power back up invertor (Inside Driver Cabin).