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Mobile OPD Unit (BH-2-202)
A fully equipped Mobile OPD Van caters to thousands of people living in far off places.
Mobile OPD Unit aim to reach a wide population base covering a number of villages and labor camps.
These vans are equipped with basic diagnostics, in-built Laboratory, ECG and X-Ray facilities.
These vans are manned by qualified doctor, EMT, cleaning attendant, Gynecologist and a General Physician.
The Mobile Medicare Vans provide Free OPD Services like ECG, Random Blood Sugar Test, BMI, etc. with subsidized medicines.
The doctors conduct Specialist Camps focused on prevalent ailments in rural areas.
Many government and non-government organisation are opting for Mobile OPD Centers under their corporate Social Responsibility for the welfare of the people.
Such mobile platforms are so helpful to the people living far from technologies and healthcare development to have basic treatment, medicines and health counseling.