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Basic Life Support Ambulance (BH-1-102)

Pre hospital care refers to any emergency medical care a patient receives prior to their arrival at the hospital or emergency department. Typically, this care comes from Emergency Medical Services (EMS) providers. 

Basic Life Support Ambulance (BLS) is utilized primarily for transport of stable patients.
Patients who need to meet their physiotherapy and Dialysis appointments also use this Ambulance.
BLS is used for Psychiatric Patients.
BLS ambulance comprises Auto loader trolley, scoopstretcher , wheel chair, spine board etc.
Joint free seamless interior / Anti-bacterial polyurethane paint.
Oxygen backup for 40 hrs. (approx.) / Gas Management System.
Electrical Backup AC/ DC provided with 800 VA Inverter.
Storage Space for Medical & Extrication Kits.